Welcome to ethOS INTelligence

ethOS INTelligence leverages tools, methodology, and experience to identify open-source intelligence (OSINT) for clients. We identify, collect, and analyze all forms of “open” overt, publicly available sources.  Whether it’s online data or dark web, we have the skillset to provide our clients with insight and intelligence.  Our real time monitoring capabilities provide publicly available information affecting the well-being, operation, and business stability of a company and employees.  Whether it’s cyber investigations, due diligence, online privacy, or corporate intelligence; ethOS INTelligence is the intelligent choice.

What is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)?

Open Source Intelligence is a multi-factor method for gathering, examining, and executing decisions about accessible data in publicly available sources, to be used in an intelligence context. OSINT is distinguished from fact-finding to create custom knowledge, supportive of a specific decision by a particular individual or group.

Our Services

Risk Filtering

We utilize applications and methodology, coupled with keywords, to filter the universe of Internet postings into a manageable deliverable.

Due Diligence

Total comprehension of business or person for multi-faceted risk reduction and better decision making. Our cyber version of this practice takes the standard above and beyond traditional methods.

Asset Identification

Identification, preservation, and reporting of publicly available assets from the information highway.

Consulting Services

We provide our tailored services to meet your specific needs. The endless amount of data on the Internet makes the possibilities endless. We can help with determining the best cyber approach to achieving your end goal.

Cyber Investigations

Our behind the screen methods can support and enhance traditional investigations. Let us provide that important piece to solve your case.

Internet Privacy Advocacy

Online Privacy consultation and data removal of information from the internet.